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A Study on Guolin Qigong Therapy for healing the Cancer

------How Oxygen and Bioelectricity cooperate to transfer the cancer cells into normal cells

Zhou Guangqing

My learning of Guolin Qigong can be traced back to 1985, when treating my chronic hepatitis in Beijing Zizhuyuan. In 2003, Kangpujian biology Science research center was set up to test the effects of Guolin Qigong Therapy upon the cancer treatment, in Wuhan Botanical Garden, China Academy of Sciences, which come out the research result that Guolin Qigong can heal the cancer. This paper aims to explain the working mechanics of how Guolin Qigong heal the cancer.

(Ⅰ) Cells Lacking of Oxygen will lead to the occurrence of cancer
There are two means of cells respiration: aerobic respiration and anaerobic respiration. The latter is mostly been used by Ancient creatures especially in the early state of Earth, where oxygen is limited, as the increase of the oxygen on the Earth, the former has been developed. Anaerobic respiration is a kind of elementary respiration, which involves no oxygen, 1 glucose molecules will generate 2ATP( Adenosine Triphosphate) with Glycolysis. Aerobic respiration is the advanced respiration, with Oxygen and three stages of bio-chemical reactions, 38 ATP will come out, the first stage is Glycolysis, the followings are Tricarboxylic Acid Cycle and Oxidative Phosphorylation. The efficiency of Aerobic respiration is 19 times as that of Anaerobic respiration in the aspects of getting energy, 90% of human cell energy is got through aerobic respiration, while 10% by anaerobic respiration.

Dr. Otto Heinrich Warburg, a German bio-chemicals, proved that human tumor cells are resulted from normal cells’ lack of oxygen. When the oxygen supply decline by 35% for 48 hours, the signs that the normal cells begin to change into cancer cells will occur. When oxygen supply decline by 60% for 48 hours, the cancer cells will come out. However, ample oxygen supply will restrict the cancer cells; and when the oxygen supply last for long hours, the cancer cells growth will be stopped. He also explained that when cells lack of oxygen, or Electron Transport Chain (or Respiratory Chain) barrier caused by the function of mitochondrial translation damage, cells respiration will be forced to stopped at the Tricarboxylic Acid Cycle and Oxidative Phosphorylation, the rest two aerobic respiration of Tricarboxylic Acid Cycle and Oxidative Phosphorylation will be turned off. At this time, cells will change from the effective aerobic respiration into less effecetive anaerobic respiration, which will correspondingly degenerate from the normal cells into original juvenile cells, that’s cancer cells.

Dr. Warburg found that the normal cells start anaerobic respiration only when lack of oxygen, while the cancer cells depends on anaerobic respiration even if not lack of oxygen. The findings have been called “Warburg Effect”, which mentioned that cancer cells have been degraded into the state similar to ancient simple immature cells. Besides, he pointed that lack of oxygen, the cells are forced to transfer from aerobic respiration into anaerobic respiration, Glycolysis will help to get energy and cause a chain of reactions, such as glucose fermentation, and the change of the human beings features and cells existence forms is the main reason for cancer. Based on this finding, Dr. Warburg won the Nobel Prize for bio-chemical and clinical medicine in 1931.

After Warburg’s research, investigations done by other scholars in the next 80 years have also concluded that lack of oxygen is the main reason for cancer. University of Georgia in American have done some researches on the following symptoms, ranging from renal cell carcinoma, liver cancer, lung cancer, ovarian cancer, pancreatic cancer to gastric, and found that the crucial factor which makes normal cells transfer into cancer cells lies in the cells lack of oxygen. It is concluded that the lower supply of oxygen for cells is the most important factor which lead to the cancer and cannot be controlled.

(Ⅱ) Guolin Qigong can change the lack of oxygen situation of cancer cells, and make the cancer cell transform from anaerobic respiration into aerobic respiration
In the experiment for cultivating cancer cells, the cancer cells cannot be formed if too much oxygen is supplied to cancer cells, while the carbon is supplied to cancer cells, it will be cultivated in a good state, which explains the fact that cancer cells are anaerobism. Guolin Qigong can help the patient breath the natural oxygen through wind breathing and improve the cancer cells’ lack of oxygen, which will restrict the growth of cancer cells.
Firstly, Guolin Qigong can help our body take in enough oxygen and negative oxygen ion, and improve the oxygen supply for cancer cells. The sports medicine proved that, when doing the aerobic exercise, the amount of oxygen breathing in can be 8 times as much as that in the motionless state. The wind breathing therapy invented by Guolin is a kind of effective means to breathe in oxygen. Especially the fast breathing can make the body breath in large amount of oxygen which can be 20 times as much as that in the motionless state.

Secondly, Guolin Qigong can make the capillary actively take in the oxygen. The average diameter for the capillary tube is 6~9μm, which can let only 1 red blood cell to move in, and it is very likely to get stuck. There are more than 3000 capillaries per 1㎝3,only 1/3 capillaries open can meet the basic requirement in routines, if all the capillaries have been open, the blood, oxygen and other nutrition materials needed by the body can been met sufficiently. The wind breathing in Guolin Qiong tend to be a kind of systematic and rhythmic flexible movement, every details in Guolin Qigong can help to smooth the capillaries and improve the oxygen supply for the cancer cells.

Besides, Guolin Qigong can change the acid of human body and improve the supply of oxygen. The cancer cells like the acid environment. It is estimated that, when the PH value varies from 6.85 to 6.95, the body tend to be acid, while the PH value ranges from 7.35 to 7.45, the body tend to be faintly alkaline. It is found that when the PH value of culture medium reach to 7.4, the cancer cell step in dormant state, and the PH value reach to 8.5, normal cells can still keep vibrant, while the cancer cells began to die. The acid surroundings for cancer cells are caused by the lack of oxygen. The cells are forced to adopt the anaerobic respiration ---Glycolysis to get the energy, pyruvic acid generating in this process will react with hydrogen ion and lactic acid will be formed, with the growth of lactic acid, the human body will be in the acid state. Wind breathing in Guolin Qigong help breath in enough oxygen and improve the alkaline of body fluid and decrease the acid, and change the acid surroundings into alkaline for the cancer cells.

(Ⅲ) The scientific mechanism of Guolin Qigong: bioelectricity transform the cancer cells into normal cells
Guolin Qigong is the most natural, healthy and effective ways to conquer the cancers, the key lies in the fact that Guolin Qigong can boost the movement of bioelectricity through the scientific way, and the bioelectricity will transfrom the cancer cells into the normal cells. Thus, the cancer will be conquered without any painful experience of the patients.

Firstly, Guolin Qigong can stimulate the bioelectricity, which is called the “Inner Qi” by the Qigong exerciser, and is a kind of bioelectical and biocurrent, generated in the process of vital activity within and between the cells. Guolin Qigong arouse the bioelectricity through a varieties of means, like group conquering cancers, the holistic therapy, and wind breathing exercise.

Secondly, bioelectricity transfer juvenile cells into mature normal cells. And as the Guolin Qigong Exercisers do the wind breathing exercise with rhythm, bioelectricity will form the biocurrent, which will connect the electrical breathing chains within the cancer cells, and motivate the aerobic respiration, as a result of this, the path to separate the cancer cells will be open, and be transformed into normal cells. Thus, Guolin Qigong create the circumstance for cancer cells to change from the juvenile cells into normal cells.

Futhermore, magnetic lineation and electric potential difference caused by bioelectricity will arouse and drag the cancer cells. As Guolin Qigong exercisers do the wind breathing exercise, the legs will move forward back and forth with rhythm, and the arms will wave from left to right rhythmically, the magnetic filed and lineation will be changed as well, as so to form the electric potential difference, which will arouse and drag the cancer cells.
To sum up, Guolin Qigong Therapy just utilize the bioelectricity, biofiled and bio magnetic to arouse the cancer cells and transform the cancer cells into mature normal cells, rather than treat the cancer cells as the enemy and restrict it.

(Ⅳ) Miracle stems form the life itself
Cancer cells is the betrayers and the naughty boys in the cells. The immune system do not treat the cancer cells and the tumor as the bacterial or enemy, especially the macrophages have lost the instinct of killers in the face of cancer cells, instead express the friendly way to the cancer cells. The reason why cancer is so different to be healed is that the immune system has given its way to cancer cells, rather than taking it as the enemy.

Compared to normal cells, cancer cells is formed as the vibration of the normal cells, as their proliferation have been prevented, thus the cancer cells will contain the gene information of further proliferation. Once the cancer cells’ gene information of further proliferation have been awaken, the cancer cells will continue proliferation and transform into normal cells.
Through thousands years of evolution, the normal cells have gained great vitality and perfect self-repairing ability, which is the best heal for all kinds of disease. Guolin Qigong helps the cancer suffers go outside, and look for the solution in the nature, the excise they take arouse the vitality and self-repairing ability hidden in the human body, and awaken the cancer cells and supply the cancer cells with sufficient oxygen and negative oxygen ion. The bioelectricity generated in this process will help cancer cells to make up the loss of the nucleobase, then repair the fragments of the cancer cells, and link the electricity breathing chains of cancer cells again, which help the cancer cells transform from anaerobic respiration to aerobic respiration, and from the juvenile cells to mature cells. In one word, Guolin Qigong Therapy utilize the vitality endowed in the thousands of years’ evolution to self-monitor and self-repair, and create the miracle of healing the cancers without any treatment.

(Ⅴ) Conclusion
There is no doubt that Guolin Qigong Therapy can heal the cancers, which have been proved by Guolin herself(who suffered the cervical cancer), as well as her apprentices, and hundreds of cancer suffers. For example, Ju benyi, who suffered mammary cancer ; Gao wenbin, who suffered lung cancer; Tang linli, who suffered brain tumor; Xuyan, who suffered PV (polycythemia vera); Yu dayuan, who suffered intestinal cancer; Gong liyun, who suffered colorectal cancer; Sun yuncai, who suffered mammary cancer; He kaifang, who suffered cervical cancer. The apprentices of her apprentices are Yangzenghe, who suffered lip cancer; Yuan zhengping, who suffered lymphoma; Li shourong, who suffered gastric cancer; Zhao Jifeng, who suffered intestinal cancer; Li yingwei, who suffered lymphoma;Zhang yankun, who suffered mammary cancer; and Guo zhongchu, who suffered liver cancer. However, the illustration about the mystery and scientific mechanism of Guolin Qigong have not specified at present. Though three decades of observation, investigation and research, it can be concluded that the scientific mechanism for Quolin Qigong lies in the fact that oxygen and bioelectricity have transformed the juvenile cancer cells into mature normal cells. Due to my limits, there is no escape of some errors, thus the suggestions are welcomed from all the readers and scholars.

Zhou Guangqing, PhD from Wuhan University, the Post Doctoral from China Academy of Social Sciences. Welcome all the suggestions from the Guolin Qigong researchers, and hope some proofs and statistics be provided by Guolin Qigong exercisers to revise this paper and another unfinished one, entitled “Cancer ≠ Death--- the real record and research report of Guolin Qigong Therapy for cancer”. My QQ number: 1667706037; and e-mail address: [email protected]